Prototype for the facade function “sun shading”

The microcontrollers that are responsible for the adaptations are programmed in the Grasshopper 3D Plug-In Firefly.

Within the research of ThinkingSkins, various prototypes such as the FunctionBoxes are developed. They each represent a single automated-adaptive façade function. The individually possible adaptations are demonstrated in simple constructions. Their automation is carried out on the Arduino microcontroller platform.

Each Prototype is related to one individual facade function

The examples show the façade functions “sun shading” and “ventilation”. The sun shading is represented by an opening lamella system, the ventilation by PC fans.

Prototype for the facade function “ventilation”

While the initial focus is on implementing individual façade functions as automated-adaptive systems, the long-term goal is to network them with one another. In addition to their self-regulation, this involves a negotiation between the requirements and effects of the respective adaptive functions.

Comprehensive consideration of the controls of multiple adaptive facade functions